Atlanta Falcons can learn a thing or two from the Atlanta Hawks


The Atlanta Hawks shocked the city of Atlanta with their playoff run, showing plenty of grit, heart, and determination, aspects that have been missing with the Atlanta Falcons since Super Bowl 51.

The Hawks were not supposed to make it as far as they did in the 2021 playoffs. The New York Knicks and Philadelphia 76ers were both favorited by NBA “experts” to knock off the Hawks, but obviously, that didn’t happen.

The Hawks showed a lot of heart, determination, grit, and confidence in that run, and had fun while doing so. The Atlanta Falcons could learn a lot from the young Hawks because there has been zero excitement in the city around the Atlanta Falcons for the last three years.

The Atlanta Falcons need to start having fun again

Watching the Atlanta Falcons for the last three losing seasons, one thing is clear: this team is not having a good time playing the game of football.

From playing not to lose, and blowing leads anyway, to the stadium being silent for home games, there isn’t much excitement to be had at Atlanta Falcons games.

The same can’t be said for the Hawks. The young Hawks had fun playing basketball together and it showed once Nate McMillan took over coaching duties. Unlike the Falcons, the Hawks built excitement around them, ultimately rallying the city around them. The Hawks fell short in the end, but the future looks bright for them.

The Atlanta Falcons have garnered little to no excitement around the team since losing to the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2017 playoffs. If the team wants to bring the fans back, then it needs to have fun on the football field and show that they are there to win and have fun doing so.

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The addition of new coaching and rookies could bring that needed excitement factor to the Atlanta Falcons.

The addition of Arthur Smith and his regime, as well as rookies such as Kyle Pitts and Richie Grant should be great additions to the Atlanta Falcons and will play pivotal roles in turning this organization around and garner some much-needed fan support and excitement.

What has to be taught is determination and grit. The Atlanta Falcons are currently a laughing stock because they can’t consistently hold leads late in games. If this trend is going to become a thing of the past, the team has to learn how to play to win, rather than play not to lose.

The Hawks, no matter the score, continued to show heart. The Atlanta Falcons don’t have any heart, and that is something that must be fixed.

The Hawks have shown the city how excited they can get about a team when coached properly, and now it is Smith’s turn to turn the Atlanta Falcons around. Looking at the Hawks would be a great start when looking at ways to revamp this stagnant organization.

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