Atlanta Falcons: Javian Hawkins is in a dream scenario for a UDFA

Louisville running back Javian Hawkins (10)At7i5576
Louisville running back Javian Hawkins (10)At7i5576 /

Proceeding the 2021 NFL Draft, Louisville running back Javian Hawkins made one of the best choices in his life, choosing to sign with the Atlanta Falcons.

Let’s say for instance that Hawkins had an offer from all 32 teams in the league, there would not be a better situation for him than to sign with the Falcons. He came to the right team, at the exact right time.

Hawkins should honestly be glad he ended up as an undrafted free agent who got to pick his team, instead of being drafted to a team that gives him less of a chance to make the roster.

Javian Hawkins being on the Atlanta Falcons is the best situation for an UDFA player in the entire NFL.

You cannot give Javian Hawkins and his agent enough credit for how smart they were in deciding to sign with the Falcons.

The Falcons currently are overloaded in the running back room with big, bruising backs. Hawkins is really the only true running back on the team with a finesse skillset, and that gives him great potential to make the final roster.

The current backfield the Falcons have consists of Mike Davis, Qadree Ollison, Caleb Huntley, Cordarrelle Patterson, D’Onta Foreman, and Javian Hawkins, of course. 

Mike Davis, Qadree Ollison, D’Onta Foreman, and Caleb Huntley are all in NFL for one reason, their ability to run over defenders.

Cordarrelle Patterson’s skillset may seem similar to Javian Hawkins, but they are still quite a bit different. Patterson is a utility guy who will probably line up in the backfield and out wide a good amount. He is a burner who has a little finesse but not the type that Hawkins showed at Louisville.

This may come as a surprise, but honestly Avery Williams might be the closest guy to Hawkins. Arthur Smith has already said that he will use the cornerback in a variety of places, including offense. One can only assume you may see Williams lined up in the backfield a couple times.

Javian Hawkins was known as “Playstation” during his time as a Louisville Cardinal. He can break off long runs by juking out the defense. He also has great potential as a receiver from the backfield.

He brings something to the Falcons that no one else in the running back room has. Arthur Smith probably cannot wait to use him and see what he can do.

It is a testament to how smart of a person Hawkins is for choosing the team with the best chance of making the roster. His future is so bright, and all the Atlanta Falcons fans cannot wait to see him go out there and make some highlights.

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