Calvin Ridley will be the NFL’s leading receiver in 2021

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley (18) Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley (18) Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports /

The Atlanta Falcons have now signaled toward their total trust in Calvin Ridley. He is no longer “the receiver after Julio Jones” but instead the new “franchise receiver.”

Ridley has been nothing short of better each and every year since entering the league, to think that will stop is foolish.

Calvin Ridley is the next record-breaker for the Falcons. He will be chasing the records that all-time great Julio Jones took from Roddy White. It is the proverbial passing the torch from one Atlanta Falcons receiver to the next.

Make no mistake, Calvin Ridley can be the leading receiver in the NFL

The Atlanta Falcons will be the home of the leader in major receiving statistics for the NFL’s 2021 season. 

Many felt this day was coming, but it has arrived faster than most would have expected. Would the offense be better off with Julio Jones? Probably, but that does not mean that Calvin Ridley’s production would be.

Julio leaving is probably the best thing that could happen to Ridley’s career. Obviously, this is ignoring the fact that Julio and Ridley are good friends, and there will make each other better, but as long as Julio was on the Falcons, it was taking away from the potential of Ridley. Ridley is now the number one target for Matt Ryan, there is no debating that.

With the loss of one of the greatest receivers in NFL history, it comes as a gain to Calvin Ridley. Ridley will be looking to sign a new contract – hopefully with the Atlanta Falcons – in the next year or two, he will see his leverage skyrocket with being the NFL’s leading receiver.

No one should be anything but excited to see Calvin run out of the tunnel for the opening game of the season. Ridley was spectacular last year and he will only be getting better with an increase in expectations from everyone around him.

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