Atlanta Falcons are a perfect fit for former Saint Latavius Murray

The Atlanta Falcons have a prime opportunity to benefit from a rare New Orleans misstep in week one. The Saints made a surprising move getting rid of running back Latavius Murray before his contract became locked in.

For Atlanta, Murray is a perfect fit in offense-facing questions at the running back position. One could argue Murray is more of a proven commodity than current starting running back Mike Davis. Regardless he is certainly still a high-level contributor.

He is coming off of a season that saw him finish with 656-yards rushing and averaging 4.5-yards per rush attempt. Add in the fact that he is a great pass catcher out of the backfield and would be yet another weapon for Matt Ryan.

New Orleans has given the Atlanta Falcons a chance to improve at their detriment after making a very questionable move

The Saints and Murray disagreed on whether or not the running back should be willing to take a pay cut. When Murray refused the running back was quickly cut giving Atlanta the chance to benefit at the Saints’ expense.

Murray is a unique weapon Atlanta lacks despite their recent addition of Wayne Gallman. Gallman is a solid depth piece but certainly not as talented as Murray.

If Atlanta were to sign Murray Mike Davis would still be the starter but Atlanta would have the perfect complement Davis.

The one potential problem for Atlanta in this scenario is their very limited cap space. Due to his performance, last season and the value of the backup running back position Murray could well be out of Atlanta’s financial reach.

If Atlanta opts not to chase Murray other logical landing spots for the former Saint would be in Baltimore or Los Angles. Both the Rams and Ravens have had a rash of pre-season running back injuries and in their desperation have added lesser options than Murray.

Regardless of whether or not it is in Atlanta, Murray will have little problem finding work as a productive backup who is a capable receiver. Let’s hope that work will be in Atlanta where Murray would fit perfectly in an underrated Falcons’ offense.