Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith facing questions after week one debacle

The Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith is already facing questions only a week into the season. Smith’s team looked ill-prepared and poorly coached in a sloppy week one blowout loss. How concerned should the Falcons be?

Arthur Smith should be taking a fair amount of heat after the Falcons blowout loss to the Eagles. The Falcons looked completely lost on both sides of the ball the penalties were endless and there was absolutely no cohesion.

Smith’s decision not to play any starters in the pre-season is now looking questionable at best. The mistakes Atlanta made were mistakes they should have corrected in camp or the pre-season. It is hard to see them being able to turn it around next week as they head to take on Tampa.

Atlanta Falcons fans should feel uneasy about Arthur Smith after week one

If Atlanta fans were searching for a positive sign it certainly didn’t come from this game.  Smith’s former team the Tennessee Titans looked lost on offense in week one without their former coordinator.  It is a bit of a reach considering how great the Cardinals looked but for Falcons fans it does offer a bit of hope. Something this team and fanbase are badly in need of after getting demolished by the Eagles.

Arthur Smith is going to have to improve quickly if he doesn’t want his seat to become increasingly warm.  At least Dan Quinn’s Falcons were able to score and occasionally offer a highlight defensively.

One game into the Arthur Smith regime and the highlight was when the last second ticked off the clock and fans finally could look away.

Smith has a lot of work to do heading into week two. Keeping Matt Ryan upright long enough to complete a pass and eliminating pre-season penalties would be considered a big step forward. Smtih’s offensive genius came into Atlanta heralded after his success with the Titans.

Success he could still translate for Atlanta. However, if week one was any indication of what is to come Smith is going to find his seat becoming increasingly warm.