Julio Jones struggles badly in first game with the Tennessee Titans

Julio Jones’ debut with the Tennessee Titans was a rocky one for the former Atlanta Falcons receiver.  The Titan’s receiver failed to catch some very makable throws and lost his cool costing his team a personal foul.

Titan’s head coach Mike Vrabel was very vocal in his frustration with Julio and his choice to cost the team. Some of the blame is a bit unfair considering the fact Vrabel failed to do his job as a head coach in a 38-13 blowout loss that was never close.

For Atlanta fans week one was a familiar sight, Julio failed to make catches he always made previously in his career and struggled to find separation.

Julio Jones may have finally had injuries catch up to what has been a great career thus far

Julio Jones didn’t look like the same player in week one for the Titans. Despite benefitting from having A.J. Brown lining up on the other side the defense focusing on stopping the run and still Julio didn’t have an impact on the game.

He finished week one with three catches and 29-receiving yards being outplayed by both Chester Rodgers and A.J. Brown.

Regardless of where his career goes from here, Julio Jones is a future Hall-of-Famer who has been a professional and an unstoppable weapon throughout his career.

However, it is fair to pose the question is this the end of Julio’s prime? Last season for Atlanta Jones struggled to stay on the field and when he was healthy didn’t have the explosive plays he had in previous seasons. Despite a respectable performance he had slowed a step and didn’t look the same.

Perhaps it was simply a combination of injuries and one bad week. Or this could be the new Julio Jones, a contributor who isn’t one of the best receivers in football anymore? Certainly a storyline worth following this season.