Free agent Richard Sherman would fit perfectly in Atlanta

Richard Sherman is still a free agent heading into week two and looking for a chance to re-establish himself as a top corner in the league. The Atlanta Falcons meanwhile are coming off of a week that saw their secondary picked apart by Jalen Hurts.

Sherman needs a chance and Atlanta badly needs to improve. Sherman to Atlanta is a win for both sides in this equation.

Richard Sherman would be paired with young corner A.J. Terrell offering Terrell a talented veteran that can help him develop.

Richard Sherman brings a veteran edge to a team lacking both

If there was one thing obvious in Atlanta’s first game of the season it was a lack of experience and physicality. Richard Sherman has been a very vocal leader throughout his career and brings the type of swagger this Atlanta defense needs to begin to grow.

Adding Sherman is a bandaid it doesn’t fix a bad defense or change Atlanta’s season outlook drastically. What it does is give the Atlanta secondary a fighting chance and provide their young players with a leader.

A leader that will help them develop and allow Atlanta to evaluate if any of their current pieces are building blocks or if they need to start completely over.

Having a secondary full of young players and a roster void of any pass rushers isn’t a recipe to find out who can play and who can’t. Sherman changes morale and projections for an Atlanta secondary that simply put cannot get any worse.

There is the chance Richard Sherman chooses to sit out this season but it seems unlikely. He is still a productive corner who can start in Atlanta or provide depth to a contending team.  Sherman to Atlanta is a storyline unlikely to happen despite the fact it makes sense for both sides. However, Atlanta rarely makes the right moves and this isn’t likely to be an exception.