Atlanta Falcons loss to Washington looking even more detrimental

Back in week four, the Atlanta Falcons were coming fresh off of their first win of the season against the New York Giants. They were hoping to continue that momentum to take down the Washington Football Team in Atlanta.

Unfortunately, that did not happen as they fell to them 34 to 30 after a late touchdown was given up by the defense. It was a terrible way to watch the game end as Deion Jones missed a tackle that basically ended the game.

Falcons losing to Washington could continue to have profound consequences

There is no telling what one loss can do to a team when the playoffs begin, it could be the difference between a playoff berth or not, Atlanta losing to Washington could have a compound effect as we get later into the season.

Currently, the team sits at 3-3, which is semi-respectable when you consider where the team was after week two, but 4-2 would be far and away better when looking at the playoff picture and the NFC South.

As it stands right now, the Falcons have the same amount of wins as the last two playoff seeds, but the Falcons would be the first team out. If they would have won in Washington, this would mean they would no longer be tied with the Vikings and instead be the sixth or seventh seed.

The Rams sit with the first wildcard seed with a 6-1 record, due to the Cardinals being on top with an undefeated record. You figure both of those teams will make it in if they continue on the pace, meaning there are only two wildcard slots up for grabs.

If Atlanta would have been able to snag one of those interceptions that were dropped by their safeties, the team would probably have a playoff spot for now.

It is obviously way too early to look at the playoff picture and predict what will happen the rest of the way, but this just seems like a very crucial loss for the team.

It was a very winnable game that Washington tried to give to Atlanta, but Atlanta simply made critical mistakes.

Let’s hope the Falcons will continue to take advantage of weaker opponents—including this upcoming week against Carolina—while no other NFC team sets themselves apart from the rest—much like it is right now.