The Atlanta Falcons were axed from playing on Thanksgiving

The Atlanta Falcons have not been good during the past few seasons and that certainly shows by the lack of media attention they get.

Especially now when they have been blown out in two straight games, with their offense failing to do anything, being outscored 68-3. It has been a rough ride for the Falcons in the past two weeks. Nothing has gone right for them.

Be glad the Falcons were not forced to play a Thanksgiving game this year

The Atlanta Falcons will not be playing on Thanksgiving for the first time in three years. For two straight years, they had played the Saints on NBC to cap off everyone’s Thanksgiving holiday.

While that may have been a disappointment when everyone first saw the schedule—we should now be thanking the NFL for not making a huge mistake by putting Atlanta in the primetime spot on a holiday that is known for food and football.

Nothing would have been worse than watching Atlanta go out on the field on a perfectly good holiday, to only see them put up three points and lose for a third straight year on the big holiday.

If you happen to remember, the Falcons did not win either of the games against New Orleans that they played on Thanksgiving.

The first game, in 2019, was when Younghoe Koo converted three straight onside kicks (one was called back due to a penalty) and almost helped the Falcons pull off one of the most improbable comebacks ever.

However, it was all spoiled due to Kaleb McGary’s inability to block opposing pass rushers. The game ended with a 26 to 18 win by the Saints.

In 2020, when the Falcons once again played the Saints, it was not very competitive as the Saints won 24 to 9, once again allowing them to eat the turkey that the Falcons wanted so bad.

Now here we are in 2021, where we luckily will not have to watch Atlanta, but will sadly still have to watch the Saints as they take on the Bills. Hopefully, Buffalo will make this game non-competitive and they will rebound from an embarrassing loss on Sunday against the Colts.

So once again, we should all give thanks to the NFL for not scheduling the Falcons to play on Thanksgiving, it would not be fun to watch, to say the least.