Will the Atlanta Falcons ever beat Tom Brady?

Few teams were as relieved to hear the off-season news that Tom Brady was retiring as the Atlanta Falcons. The former New England and current Tampa Bay quarterback has long haunted a franchise that has never managed to beat Brady. This includes the infamous Super Bowl score the league seemingly never tires of referencing.

The Atlanta Falcons are one of five teams never to have beaten Brady with the Cowboys, Vikings, Buccaneers, and Patriots rounding out the five. Atlanta, however, is the only team in either of Brady’s divisions that has never beaten him.

Brady’s retirement was short-lived, however, and quickly followed by the news that when he does retire Brady will still be a part of the NFL story joining FOX in the broadcast booth. With Brady back for at least another season and getting ready to haunt Atlanta fans for years to come this leaves an obvious question will Atlanta ever find a way to beat Brady?

Despite the fact it would likely be a meaningless win in the standings finding a way to finally beat Brady would feel monumental. The Super Bowl collapse and the ridicule that followed will never be wiped away. However, beating Brady even in the regular season would bring just a drop of revenge against a quarterback who has haunted Atlanta.

Unfortunately for the Falcons if they are going to beat Brady it isn’t going to happen this season. Tom Brady’s Bucs have the advantage in the trenches and at the skill positions with Brady himself far outclassing Marcus Mariota.  The rosters are too far apart for Atlanta to hang close enough with the Bucs to give them a chance of an upset.

Atlanta’s only hope of beating Brady is the quarterback staying in Tampa beyond this season and giving the team another year to rebuild. Atlanta will head into the 2023 off-season with plenty of cap space and what should be a top-five draft pick.

If the Falcons are going to ever beat Tom Brady it will happen in the 2023 season when the team has had time to build their roster and find their franchise quarterback. This season, however, is about setting up for the next off-season and unfortunately, that means Brady’s division reign and his dominance over the Falcons will continue for at least one more season.