1 prospect the Falcons may regret passing on in each round of the draft

The Falcons may regret passing on this prospect in each round of the 2024 NFL Draft
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Falcons may regret passing on RB Isaac Guerendo in the fourth round

Drafted by the 49ers at No. 129

While the Falcons certainly didn't have a huge need at running back—even though they took Jase McClellan in the sixth round—adding Isaac Guerendo would have been fun.

Guerendo is a tick over six feet and weighs in at 220 pounds. The crazy part about him is that he ran a 4.33 forty-yard dash at the combine. He has a combination of size and speed that you rarely see.

He lasted until the fourth round because he didn't have much production in college but in the fourth round, he is worth the risk.

I am sure he is happy where he ended up. Don't be surprised if you start seeing his name emerge over the next few years as he develops behind Christian McCaffrey.