1 Reason the Atlanta Falcons shouldn't fear each team in the NFC South

New Orleans Saints Introduce Quarterback Derek Carr
New Orleans Saints Introduce Quarterback Derek Carr / Sean Gardner/GettyImages
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2. Tampa Bay is rebuilding

While the Tampa offense will still at times be dangerous with Mike Evans and Chris Godwin still there Atlanta no longer has to fear the Bucs. Tom Brady led the team to a Super Bowl and three straight playoff appearances now the bill has come due and Tampa must pay the price.

One that Atlanta or any other team in the division would gladly be paying if they had a Super Bowl in the last three seasons. Tampa is focused not on attempting to keep open a window that clearly isn't there as New Orleans has but instead is locking up key roster pieces and focused on quickly rebuilding.

With a season of either Kyle Trask or Baker Mayfield loading at quarterback and very little run game Tampa is fully in the competition for the next off-season's prized quarterback prospects. Tampa should be in the basement of the division unless Baker or Trask shock the league and manage to win shootouts that is Tampa's only path to consistently winning with a bad defense and a run game that clearly isn't reliable.

Tampa is the most accomplished team in the division and deserves respect for past accomplishments. Now, however, is the time when the rest of the division will have a chance for revenge.