1 Reason the Atlanta Falcons shouldn't fear each team in the NFC South

New Orleans Saints Introduce Quarterback Derek Carr
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3. Bryce Young will not live up to expectations in year one for Carolina

Yet again the Carolina Panthers are putting all their expectations on a young dynamic quarterback carrying the roster. Young is extremely talented and will have great moments for the Panthers when healthy, however, Young is still a rookie quarterback without an elite receiver. Losing Christian McCaffrey and D.J. Moore isn't being talked about enough due to the big move Carolina made at quarterback and the improved depth.

While the biggest problem for the Panthers last season was the quarterback position the other roster issues have gone largely unaddressed.

Carolina is a team that is still a year away unless Bryce Young is able to stay healthy and produce at a top-ten level. That is the only path for Carolina to compete with Atlanta for the division. However, the more likely outcome is Young having bumps in the road in year one before taking off next season with Carolina using next year's assets to chase a number one receiver.

Something that clearly helped Josh Allen, Trevor Lawrence, and Joe Burrow take the next step in their respective careers. Carolina is still a season away leaving the window clearly open for the Falcons