10 Atlanta Falcons players that won't be back in 2024

Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears
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It is safe to say that the Atlanta Falcons will be undergoing some major changes this offseason. Arthur Smith, Ryan Nielsen, and the quarterbacks all let Atlanta down in the season's biggest moments. It should be a season of change attempting to bring in a winning culture that has been missing from the Falcons since the 2017 season.

It has been seven years since the Falcons had a legitimate playoff team or threat. That spans the end of the Dan Quinn era as well as three years under Arthur Smith. Blank has been patient to a fault, and it has cost this team and this roster a golden chance in the 2023 season.

Now that the season is over and the page has turned attention will turn to the roster and what needs to change moving into the offseason. The coaching and quarterback situations are the obvious answers but who else is on their way out in Atlanta?

Could the Falcons be looking to completely rebuild an offense that has consistently struggled and let the team down throughout the season? With this in mind, let's look at the Atlanta Falcons who most likely have played their final down for the franchise.