10 Atlanta Falcons players that won't be back in 2024

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5. Van Jefferson

Much like Hollins, Jefferson was another attempt from Fontenot and Smith to fix the issues at the position. It clearly wasn't a good decision and cost the team a draft pick. Jefferson is a great depth option if he is the 5th or 6th guy on the roster. However, Atlanta needed Jefferson to be the second option Hollins failed to be and it clearly didn't work. Give Fontenot credit for at least attempting to make a move but it didn't work and the team should move on from the veteran receiver.

There are a myriad of depth options both in the draft and in free agency at the position. Atlanta's focus should be on adding a legitimate second option and depth behind him.

6. Calais Campbell

This one is sad, but Campbell is a player who is on his way out of this league. Despite playing at a high level still retirement has to be on the table. If the veteran does opt to come back what reason does he have to return to Atlanta? Calais is far more likely to pick a Super Bowl contender than return to a team that was embarrassed consistently in the 2023 season.