10 Atlanta Falcons who don’t deserve another season in 2024

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints
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3. Mack Hollins

Does anyone else remember any great Mack Hollins moments this season? The most notable moments for who was expected to be the Falcon's second wide receiver didn't happen on the field. It was Hollins dislike for proper footwear and walking around shoeless while dealing with an injury. Or the receiver yelling as the team headed to the sideline.

While it isn't known exactly what was said or who it was directed at it did appear to be toward quarterback Desmond Ridder. One cannot blame Hollins if this was the case considering how frustrating being a receiver is in Arthur Smith's system. You are a glorified blocker who may get a target on a rare occasion. Mack is a depth player who was put in a bad situation on a poor passing offense. Don't blame Hollins but look at Arthur Smith, Desmond Ridder, and Atlanta's continued failure to sign receiver depth.

4. Van Jefferson

When the Falcons passing attack was struggling Atlanta's answer was Van Jefferson. Jefferson's most memorable moment was dropping a key conversion that could have changed Atlanta's season. Van is a solid 5th or 6th option but much like Hollins was put in a place that didn't benefit him or his skill set. Hard to make many impact plays as a depth receiver being guarded as a starter with Desmond Ridder as your quarterback and Arthur Smith as your coach.