10 Atlanta Falcons who don’t deserve another season in 2024

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints
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5. Logan Woodside

This is less about Logan Woodside actually doing anything wrong and more about the fact Atlanta needs to start over at the position. Logan is an Arthur Smith guy and is the emergency quarterback not a serious part of this roster. Move on and allow that spot either for a young player you think you can develop or a veteran who can provide a bit more insurance.

Logan had some solid moments in preseason and perhaps should have been given a chance to start considering Atlanta's desperation at the position. Regardless, it is time to move on from the quarterback and give someone else a chance at the roster spot who is less connected to Arthur Smith.

6. Jeff Okudah

With his resume, this team cannot afford to pay market value for Jeff Okudah considering how he finished the year. You are already debating whether or not to pay A.J. Terrell. Use your draft picks and cap space to go out and acquire a cheaper option with fewer question marks. Okudah had some great moments with the Falcons but it is time for the team to move on.