10 Atlanta Falcons who don’t deserve another season in 2024

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8. Mike Hughes

This team is going to get back Avery Williams in the 2024 season and he should be expected to step back in as the returner. With Cordarrelle Patterson not having a clear role Atlanta can free up a lot of cap space by using Williams to replace Hughes and Patterson.

While Williams isn't the corner that Hughes is he can't be that far off. Mike wasn't great in coverage and clearly showed the reasons why the Lions were so ready to move on from the veteran. Add in underwhelming production as a returner and it is clear that the Falcons need to make a change. You have Alford and Phillips as cheap depth at the position you don't need to keep Hughes on the roster any longer.

9. Scotty Miller

Scotty Miller was open deep a handful of times and was of course missed by Atlanta's quarterbacks. This is nothing against Miller or anything he did wrong as much as it is the need to rebuild the unit. Miller's spot can be given to someone Atlanta's new quarterback has worked with or is more comfortable throwing to. Miller continues to live off of a few incredible moments with Tom Brady's Bucs.

10. Richie Grant

Grant lost his job to a late-round draft pick by the end of the season and this was for very good reason. With Jessie Bates playing at such a high level it became clear just how poorly Grant was managing his spot. Time to move on and either trust Hellams to improve or bring in another veteran opposite Bates.