10 Atlanta Falcons who should make the 2024 NFL Pro Bowl

Ten players who should represent the Atlanta Falcons in the 2024 NFL Pro Bowl Games
Indianapolis Colts v Atlanta Falcons
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5. Bijan Robinson - Running back

Bijan Robinson has done everything for this offense. He has been the primary runner and a primary weapon out of the backfield for the Falcons' two quarterbacks.

His highlights are some of the best we have seen from anyone this year. He has made one-handed catches, made no-look catches, shook defenders out of their cleats, and broken tackles.

It appears like Bijan will find himself in his first Pro Bowl in his first NFL season.

4. Nate Landman - Linebacker

I have been on the Nate Landman bandwagon since I saw him play in his first games during the preseason last year. And while I knew he would be good, I never thought he would become one of the best in the NFL this quickly.

He is such a tough, old-school linebacker. plays downhill and isn't afraid to take on blocks and blow up running plays. He also hasn't been too bad in coverage.

The Falcons have a great linebacking core, especially when you factor in Troy Andersen.