10 Head coach candidates the Atlanta Falcons should call if they fire Arthur Smith

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10. Lincoln Riley

Yes, of all the options listed this is by far the least likely fit for the Falcons. Riley just signed a massive deal with USC and is working to turn a historic program around. However, you have a coach who is going to be losing a bit of steam with Caleb Williams expected to leave and a team that hasn't lived up to expectations. There is a world in which Riley at least entertains making the jump.

For the Falcons this is simple, you've followed the path each of the last two hires bringing in a great defensive coordinator from Seattle with playoff success followed by a great offensive coordinator with playoff success. Neither coach worked out as expected thus far and if Arthur Blank wants things to change maybe it is time to think outside the box.

Atlanta is a capable playcaller and quarterback away from being a playoff team. If there is one thing, we know about Riley it is his ability as a play caller and history at the quarterback position. Kyler Murray, Baker Mayfield, Jalen Hurts, and Caleb Williams all clearly grew under Riley. He has shown a great ability to develop the quarterback position and soon will have four of his former players in the NFL as starters. Luring Riley away from USC is unlikely but at least make the call if you're the Falcons.