10 Head coach candidates the Atlanta Falcons should call if they fire Arthur Smith

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2. Ben Johnson

If the Falcons choose to go with another offensive coordinator hire give me the guy that fixed Jared Goff and the Lions offense. This isn't taking anything away from the Lions' head coach but unlike the Falcons this is a coaching staff that hands off responsibility and seems to work very well together.

Johnson has the resume and would have equal or better weapons than what he has with the Lions. There is zero reason the Falcons' offense shouldn't be looking every bit as capable as this Lions offense each week with the young weapons they have on their roster.

With Johnson, you would need to give the coach the option to come in and pick his own coordinator and quarterback. Whether this means a veteran like Kirk Cousins or drafting a project quarterback in the first round it could mean another year of being average for a new offensive system to be put into place.

Ben Johnson is the best choice for Atlanta if they are going to go the traditional route and prefer an offensive mind. However, it is worth noting that after the way things have gone with Smith, the team may prefer a different path with their next hire.