10 Head coach candidates the Atlanta Falcons should call if they fire Arthur Smith

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6. Brian Flores

Yes, firing Brian Flores worked out for the Dolphins, however, much of the foundation for their success was laid by the current Vikings DC. Flores had some great moments in Miami but didn't have the benefit of the weapons that the roster now leans on against lesser teams. Still, it is a Miami team that is missing the intensity that Flores brought.

Atlanta watched last Sunday exactly what Flores brings to a team for better and worse. The Vikings got the better of Atlanta and a big part of it was Brian's defense forcing two late turnovers that completely flipped the game. After Dobbs and the offense struggled early the Vikings didn't let go of the rope and gave Josh time to settle in.

Brian isn't the best option for the Falcons but he should be on their list if the team does decide to part ways with Smith. Flores deserves another chance, one with a better defensive roster that Atlanta can offer as well as already having young offensive weapons. If Atlanta can pair Flores with a strong offensive coordinator they will be well on their way back to relevance.