10 Head coach candidates the Atlanta Falcons should call if they fire Arthur Smith

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8. Todd Monken

Perhaps the man to break the Atlanta Falcons curse is the same who helped Kirby Smart break it for Georgia. Not only did Georgia break their curse in the 2021 season the team went back and won it all again the following season. Now Todd is leading an improving Baltimore offense and clearly could earn a shot at another head coaching job.

Monken spent time in the NFL before taking the job with Georgia most notably pushing Jameis Winston and Ryan Fitzpatrick to impressive seasons with Tampa Bay. A large part of Atlanta's problem is a lack of creativity in the passing game and an inability to push the ball deep. Monken would fix both of these issues and is proven to be a great passing game designer.

The problem, however, is you're taking a risk that just like Arthur Smith has done, Monken takes on too much and is unable to delegate and adjust to a more demanding position. While this is true for all the coordinators it is especially a concern looking at Monken's resume.