10 Largest cap hits for the 2024 Atlanta Falcons

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1. Jake Matthews Scheduled $21.7-Million dollar cap hit

The Atlanta Falcons' largest 2024 scheduled cap hit comes from their veteran left tackle. Matthews is seemingly the final piece that has been through every recent coaching change and Atlanta Falcons front office regime. Jake isn't the best in the league at his position but his durability and consistency demand respect.

As long as he continues to play at this current level the Falcons aren't going to consider making a change. Jake will have a far better offensive line to play alongside than he has in years past and will give Atlanta's next quarterback reliable protection.

2. Grady Jarrett Scheduled $20.7 Million dollar cap hit

Another veteran whose value clearly showed up this season. Look at the drop off from Atlanta's defense after Grady left the unit due to injury. The Falcons lack of edge rushers makes them even more reliant on Grady and his absence was quickly felt this season. While it is a hefty cap hit it is a price Atlanta will willingly pay.

Grady Jarrett is one of Atlanta's leaders and one of the few consistent defensive pieces that they have heading into the 2024 season. Expect a strong return from a veteran who has had plenty of time to get healthy.