10 Largest cap hits for the 2024 Atlanta Falcons

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5. Kaleb McGary Scheduled $12.5-Million dollar cap hit

This is Atlanta's first large cap hit that perhaps if given the chance they would escape. Kaleb McGary was paid based on a career year and it showed in the 2023 season. The most predictable part of Kaleb's game is that 2-3 times each week it will look as if he completely forgot how to pass protect.

McGary can't be cut easily with his dead cap hit more painful than his potential value on the roster. The next coaching staff is going to have to hope that Kaleb finds his way back to the player he was consistently in 2022. If not, the Falcons will likely look to move on from Kaleb at the end of the 2024 and perhaps look for another starter before the season ends.

6. David Onyemata Scheduled $12.5-Million dollar cap hit

Give Atlanta a full season of Onyemata and Jarrett both on the field and this deal is going to age well. However, with both players dealing with injuries in 2023 it is hard to judge the full value of this deal. A roughly $12 million dollar cap hit is well worth it for a player with David's potential value. But we need to see it translate into more consistent on-field production alongside Jarrett in the 2024 season.