10 Largest cap hits for the 2024 Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears
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7. A.J. Terrell Scheduled $12.3-Million dollar cap hit

Terrell is arguably the Atlanta Falcons player facing the biggest questions under the next coaching regime. Will they be willing to pay A.J. top corner money? Based on the 2023 season the answer should be no for a player that objectively took a step back. No disrespect to Terrell but his on-the-field play simply doesn't match up to top corner money. What he looks like in 2024 will determine whether it is time to pay the man, or move on to other options at the position.

8. Kyle Pitts Scheduled $10.4-Million dollar cap hit

It wasn't until the season was over that we learned Kyle Pitts was far from fully healthy. This explains why it appeared the receiver took routes off or lacked burst to find open field. Perhaps Kyle didn't want this information out, however, it seems odd that the extent of the injury wasn't made public this year. It would have taken a lot of heat off Kyle and set lofty expectations for the talented player a year forward. Find Pitts a quarterback and 2024 will be a reminder of just how elite of a playmaker he can be.