10 Largest cap hits for the 2024 Atlanta Falcons

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9. Jonnu Smith Scheduled $9-Million dollar cap hit

This is the first player on the list whose future is clearly uncertain. Jonnu Smith would save a lot of money as a potential roster cut. But with the lack of depth are the Falcons in any position to cut capable pass catchers? If it were up to this writer the Falcons would run it back with Smith as the second option behind Pitts understanding that his production won't match the cap hit. Despite this the deal is expiring and can easily be escaped if the Falcons need the extra cap space. Jonnu's potential production demands another season as Atlanta looks to add capable pass catchers not lose them.

10. Taylor Heinicke Scheduled $8.25-Million dollar cap hit

Taylor Heinicke seems to be a well-respected leader and has an inspiring story in this league. However, it is an unforgiving league that doesn't pay based on either of these things. Taylor was terrible in the 2023 season and the Falcons will save roughly $7-million cutting the veteran. If you want a turnover-prone backup you have Logan Woodside and Desmond Ridder as far cheaper options. A capable front office is going to cut Heinicke and move on. It is unfortunate but that is the business and the only move for the Falcons.