10 Veteran free agents the Atlanta Falcons should consider signing after draft week

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3. Casey Hayward

While at first glance the Falcons have a lot of depth at the corner position bringing back Casey on a low-risk deal if the veteran can prove healthy makes sense for both sides. Hayward was cut just before the draft after coming off an injury-shortened season.

The Falcons have depth at the position but clearly could use one more veteran option and bringing back Hayward once healthy makes sense. Casey would have to compete for a role with Atlanta's three new additions at the position as well as with last year's standout Dee Alford, however, with all the questions facing Atlanta corners (outside of Terrell) a reunion at some point would make sense.

4. Leonard Floyd

Another former Georgia Bulldogs pass rusher that has consistently made an impact rushing the passer in his NFL career. Floyd is a clearer fit for the Falcons considering their lack of proven edge rushers and would be an instant starter on this roster.

With upgrades evident on the defense Atlanta will likely spend their remaining cap space on a receiver, however, if the team believes in its current options making a move for Floyd makes a level of sense and gives Atlanta a proven pass rusher the team lacks from the outside.