11 Veteran free agents that could still improve the Atlanta Falcons roster

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3. Julio Jones

If Atlanta doesn't want to bring in Hunter Renfrow why not bring back a familiar face at the position? Julio Jones is a role player or a depth piece at this stage of his career. Jones can be counted on to make a handful of big plays and set an example for younger players. That is all Atlanta needs at the position.

4. Calais Campbell

What Calais brought to Atlanta in the 2023 season was obvious even in the midst of chaos. Give Calais a chance to return and go out on a higher note. Though it could be a tough sell when teams are out there with a need at the position and a much clearer path to winning it all.

5. Randy Gregory

Any player that has a prayer of improving this pass rush should be called and at least considered. Gregory isn't likely to be a fit but is a better pass rusher even now than many of Atlanta's current options off the edge. Give the Falcons a chance to draft at the position but after they need to consider parting ways with Lorenzo Carter and bringing in a rotational veteran.