12 Former Atlanta Falcons still searching for free agency landing spot

Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets
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1. Justin Shaffer

The Atlanta Falcons cutting Shaffer wasn't at all surprising. Shaffer has spent two seasons with the team and has been cut in each of his first two seasons. The team would re-sign Shaffer to the practice squad but the offensive guard didn't develop as the team had hoped. It was time to move on and perhaps Shaffer will catch on as a depth piece elsewhere. The more likely path is finding a landing spot on a practice squad.

2. Feleipe Franks

The quarterback/tight end never made an impact on his team. The few times he made it on the field Atlanta was worse off for the decision. What Arthur Smith saw in Franks and how he continued to make the roster is one of the most confusing aspects of this team over the last three seasons.

Franks only path to making a roster is heading to Pittsburgh to join forces with Arthur Smith. Otherwise, Franks career in this league is likely over.

3. Ethan Greenidge

Much like Shaffer, Greenidge was another depth piece that didn't work out for Atlanta. It is unlikely the team will consider bringing him back. Look for Greenidge to catch on with another team as a practice squad piece or compete for a final roster spot.