12 teams who blew it letting Kirk Cousins sign with the Falcons

Atlanta Falcons OTA Offseason Workout
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4. San Francisco 49ers

Yes, the numbers for Brock Purdy are great but what do your eyes tell you? If the league entered a complete redraft how many quarterbacks come off the board before Purdy? Brock has played at an incredible level in absolutely the perfect system. A system that is set up so well for when Kirk Cousins is at his best.

Put Cousins on the 49ers during the Jimmy G. and Brock Purdy seasons and this team has at least one ring. This isn't the impact of Cousins as much as it is the talent of the roster and coaching staff in San Francisco. The 49ers would be a much better team with Cousins under center. Both with Jimmy and Brock the ceiling for the offense is always clear.

Purdy is a great system quarterback who is good enough to consistently help this current roster get deep into the playoffs. With Cousins, you have a team that has a legitimate chance to win a Super Bowl. Not a team that will consistently come up short due to clear limitations for their quarterback in the playoff's biggest moments. Kirk Cousins in San Francisco would be comparable to Matt Ryan's MVP season considering the similar talent and fit in the system for both quarterbacks.