13 Former Atlanta Falcons still searching for jobs in free agency

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7. Joe Gaziano

If you don't recognize the name this is for good reason. The defensive end is a depth piece that was never really a part of Atlanta's plans. Moving on isn't a surprise and allows Gaziano to attempt to continue his career likely being a preseason cut if he finds another landing spot.

8. Scotty Miller

It is hard to fault Miller for his lack of an impact when you consider the mess he was in. Miller was running route concepts in Arthur Smith's offense as the 3rd or 4th receiver. This was far from ideal considering his talent is as a forgotten change-of-pace receiver that can take the top off a defense.

Miller should have no problems finding a depth role or as a rotational piece on a bad roster. Miller's time in Atlanta is forgettable though little fault of his own.

9. Tre Flowers

Tre Flowers was not impressive in limited action and left Atlanta little motivation to consider a reunion. Give the Falcons credit for attempting to find cheap depth but the move didn't work. Flowers should be able to make a roster but there is no chance that will be in Atlanta.