13 NFL legends the Atlanta Falcons gave up on way too soon

Here are 13 legends who the Atlanta Falcons moved on from too quickly
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9. Michael Vick, QB (2008)

Okay, here this out; sure, the Atlanta Falcons had no choice but to move on from Michael Vick following his disturbing incidents. However, shouldn't the Falcons have tried to bring him back once he was reformed?

Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles took a chance by giving the superstar quarterback another chance in the NFL. That chance paid off as he, once again, lit the NFL on fire with his dynamic skillset.

What Vick did was disturbing and disgusting but he rebounded and turned himself into one of the most charitable and humble people. The Falcons should have taken a chance and brought him back.

Although, that would have likely meant that Matt Ryan wouldn't have become a Falcon—all is well that ends well.