13 NFL legends the Atlanta Falcons gave up on way too soon

Here are 13 legends who the Atlanta Falcons moved on from too quickly
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11. Chris Doleman, DE (1996)

This list will end with three Pro Football Hall of Famers, the first of which is Chris Doleman who is generally known as a Minnesota Vikings legend but he did have a couple of solid years with the Falcons.

He came to the Falcons for two years and then moved on to the San Francisco 49ers for the next three and finished his career with one more year in Minnesota.

As luck would have it, the Falcons watched Doleman put up 11 sacks in 1996, 12 in 1997, and 15 in 1998 after he had 16 in two seasons in Atlanta. Never easy watching a future Hall of Famer leave to have success elsewhere.