13 NFL legends the Atlanta Falcons gave up on way too soon

Here are 13 legends who the Atlanta Falcons moved on from too quickly
Brett Favre - Atlanta Falcons - File Photos
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13. Brett Favre, QB (1992)

The Atlanta Falcons used the 33rd-overall pick in 1991 on Brett Favre and he did not impress over his lone season. He threw a pick-six on his first pass, threw another interception, and did not have a single completion on his four pass attempts.

Unfortunately, Jerry Glanville and the Falcons gave up on him way too soon and it remains as probably the worst decision in franchise history (minus throwing the ball in field goal range in early 2017).

Here is what the Falcons moved on from when they traded him on February 11, 1992:

  • 302 wins
  • 71,838 passing yards
  • 508 passing touchdowns
  • 1× Super Bowl champion
  • 3× NFL MVP
  • 6× All-Pro
  • 11× Pro Bowler
  • 2× passing yard leader
  • 2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee

Need I say more?

I don't think that first-round pick the Falcons received for Brett Favre was worth it. The crazy thing is that the trade was almost negated due to Favre having the same hip condition that ruined Bo Jackson's NFL career.