13 NFL legends the Atlanta Falcons gave up on way too soon

Here are 13 legends who the Atlanta Falcons moved on from too quickly
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1. Robbie Tobeck, OG/C (left in 2000)

These won't be in any particular order but the drama will heighten a little bit as we move along. To start out we have Robbie Tobeck who was an interior offensive lineman who was with the Atlanta Falcons from 1993 to 1999.

The undrafted free agent did play a lot of games for the Falcons but he went on to have an even better time with the Seattle Seahawks in 2000.

Tobeck would eventually make his first Pro Bowl with the Seahawks and played in a total of 92 games with them. He could have continued helping out the Falcons if they would have just kept him around.