13 NFL legends the Atlanta Falcons gave up on way too soon

Here are 13 legends who the Atlanta Falcons moved on from too quickly
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3. Andre Rison, WR (1995)

Andre Rison wasn't for the weak. He was a flashy player who had all the confidence in the world and he really fit in with the Atlanta Falcons.

The touchdown machine only ended up playing for the Falcons for five seasons, making the Pro Bowl and All-Pro team in the first four years. He would end up playing for the Browns, Packers, Jaguars, Chiefs, and Raiders.

Yes, that is a lot of teams who may have given up on Rison for a reason but he was still a productive receiver who ended up making another Pro Bowl with another 1,000-yard season.

Rison continued to make big plays even with all the different teams he played for.