13 players the Atlanta Falcons gave up on way too soon

13 players who should have been with the Atlanta Falcons longer than they were
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1. J.D. McKissic

As I mentioned earlier, these 13 players are ranked based on when the Falcons moved on from them, so J.D. McKissic isn't necessarily the hardest pill to swallow. Although, I feel like he would have been a fan favorite if he stuck around for the Falcons.

The Falcons gave McKissic his first taste in the NFL as he was yet another UDFA. His very first time with the ball in his hands, he returned a kick 101 yards for a touchdown in the preseason. The Falcons kept him around for a while on their practice squad but then promoted him and cut him quite quickly.

Eventually, McKissic ended up in Washington where he carved out a nice role. He was a great scat back for Washington as he could make some nice cuts in the pass and run games—just ask Deion Jones who got torched by McKissic on a game-winning touchdown for Washington a couple of years ago.

This was certainly a player that the Falcons quit on too quickly. He would have been a great player for the offense—although, if they had him then they might have never ended up with Cordarrelle Patterson.