13 quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons could turn to in 2024

With so much uncertainty surrounding the quarterback position for the Atlanta Falcons, here are 13 players they could turn to to lead them during the 2024 NFL Season

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11. Shedeur Sanders (Draft)

This one has a big asterisk next to it. While he is eligible to declare for the 2024 NFL Draft, it is sounding like the 'Sanders Three' will remain in Boulder, Colorado for another year.

However, if Shedeur does change his mind then the Atlanta Falcons have to jump all over him. There wouldn't be a better marriage in the draft than Shedeur and the Falcons. It would be a full-circle moment.

Deion Sanders has talked about how he wants the Falcons to draft his two boys and there is zero reason for the Falcons not to, especially Shedeur.

Shedeur is a playmaker who can do anything he wants on the field. Sure, his team hasn't been playing well but he is also trying to guide a team that is still lacking talent.

Can we just get this kid back to Atlanta, please?!