13 quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons could turn to in 2024

With so much uncertainty surrounding the quarterback position for the Atlanta Falcons, here are 13 players they could turn to to lead them during the 2024 NFL Season
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2. Taylor Heinicke

We are just getting the obvious ones out of the way.

Let's say Taylor Heinicke starts playing exceptionally well, could the Atlanta Falcons decide to keep him around as their starter?

There is no reason to think they wouldn't. The only concern is that Heinicke has been a journeyman for a reason. He has not been able to find consistency during his NFL career. Is he the player who was one of the least accurate QBs in the NFL last year, or is he the inspiring, gutsy, performer that we saw against Tom Brady in the playoffs a few seasons ago?

Those are questions that Arthur Smith would have to answer before naming Heinicke as the long-term starter.