13 quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons could turn to in 2024

With so much uncertainty surrounding the quarterback position for the Atlanta Falcons, here are 13 players they could turn to to lead them during the 2024 NFL Season
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5. Kirk Cousins (Free agency)

It is hard to imagine the Minnesota Vikings letting their franchise quarterback walk out the door, especially after all the support he has received from his teammates after his season-ending injury.

But let's say they do let him walk; could the Falcons be interested? Most definitely. He is a proven producer and a veteran who has been through a lot. It feels like the Falcons could break through with a quarterback like Cousins.

He would enter an offense that has more talent than the Vikings (minus Justin Jefferson) and he would be able to pick up the new system with relative ease.

Cousins would be a hot commodity so it would take truckloads of cash to bring him in.