13 Veteran free agents who give Atlanta a chance to improve this summer

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Looking at the current Atlanta Falcons roster there are a myriad of depth pieces or veterans that could prove valuable. Despite being well into the summer, there are free agency fits left for Atlanta. While Atlanta has very little cap space, the right moves could allow the Falcons to make one or two additions.

With this in mind, let's look at the best possible fits remaining in free agency for Atlanta.

1. Julio Jones

Jones deserves to retire as an Atlanta Falcon. Even if this means the receiver simply signs a one-day contract and opts to retire. Jones sacrificed his body so many times for this team and it has shown up in the latter half of his career.

While Jones isn't close to the player he was when he left Atlanta, there is still value in signing the veteran. Having Jones as your 5th or 6th receiver gives Atlanta another reason to bring fans to the stadium and a leader for their young position players to look to. Jones ending his career in Atlanta would be fitting whether it is as a player or just a ceremonial signing. Either works and the team should get it done before the start of the season.