13 Veteran free agents who give Atlanta a chance to improve this summer

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8. Jamal Adams

Another former star who is still searching for another chance. Atlanta's inexperience on defense would give Adams a chance to fight for a starting role. At worst you add a player who is a nice wrinkle rushing the quarterback or better depth than Richie Grant.

The problem with this move is with limited cap space you would be better served to spend the money on other positions. Hellams has developed nicely and Jessie Bates is one of the best safeties in the league. Still, it is an interesting fit to consider.

9. JC Jackson

After A.J. Terrell, what corner on this Atlanta roster do you trust? In July with limited cap space the Falcons aren't going to find a clear answer. However, you can give yourself a far better chance by adding players who have played at a high level.

Opting to bring in borderline roster pieces in favor of veterans is a mistake. Bring in a veteran or two to push Dee Alford and Clark Phillips. See how they handle a challenge and force the unproven players to fight for a starting spot.

10. Patrick Peterson

The previous sentiment applies here as well. Peterson was one of the best at his position before age and injuries slowed the veteran. There isn't any question that he appears to have lost a step. Again the argument is simple who gives you the better chance at finding a contributor?

Cut Mike Hughes and bring in another veteran who could benefit from being with a young team in a new landing spot. Peterson is unlikely to return to form but being a productive part of the rotation isn't completely off the table.