20 Days till kickoff: Best player to wear #'s 20-29 for the Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons are set to kickoff their 2023 season in 20 days and here are the best players to wear each number in the 20s.
Atlanta Falcons v Washington Redskins
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We are sitting at just under three weeks until the Atlanta Falcons take the field for their first regular season game of the year. Similarly, if you cannot wait to watch any NFL game then you will be happy to hear that the first game is in just 17 days.

The series will continue as today we will look at the best player to wear each number in the 20s.

The best player to wear each number in the 20s with 20 days until kickoff for the Atlanta Falcons

We are nearing the end of this series but they only get more exciting. The 20s will consist of defensive backs and running backs—two positions that the Atlanta Falcons have a rich history in. Let's get started.

#29: Keion Carpenter, S (2002-2005)

Keion Carpenter did not play too many games with the Falcons but he made the most of the games he did play in. He picked off nine passes and took down 140 ball carries. He also overcame a spinal fusion which saw him sit out two seasons during his time with the Falcons. On a sad note, Keion died seven years ago in a freak accident.

#28: Warrick Dunn, RB (2002-2007)

The Falcons had a couple of great players and even better people during the early 2000s with Keion Carpenter and Warrick Dunn, Dunn was an explosive player who had five-straight seasons with 1,000 yards from scrimmage. He also still continues to be an incredible philanthropist by building 'Warrick Dunn Charities."

#27: Tom Pridemore, S (1978-1985)

Tom Pridemore might be one of the most underrated players in Falcons history. He played eight seasons (121 games)—all with the Falcons—and intercepted 21 throws, returning them for 372 yards. He also never missed a single regular season game during his career (Only 9 games in 1982 due to a player strike).

#26: Tevin Coleman, RB (2015-2018)

You probably recognize Tevin Coleman's name; he was a key cog in Kyle Shanahan's offense that took the team to their second Super Bowl. Coleman and Devonta Freeman were the best one-two punch at running back in the NFL for a few years.

#25: Scott Case, DB (1984-1994)

Another underrated player for the Falcons; Scott Case played numerous seasons at both cornerback and safety. He played in 162 games and had 30 interceptions, along with 959 tackles. He deserved to make more than just one Pro Bowl and one All-Pro team.

#24: Devonta Freeman, RB (2014-2019)

Devonta Freeman burst onto the scene in 2015 and became one of the best in the NFL. As mentioned before, he made up half of the dynamic duo for the Falcons that played a huge part in them making Super Bowl 51. Freeman was a touchdown machine who had two 1,000-yard seasons and made two Pro Bowls and one All-Pro team.

#23: Bobby Butler, CB (1981-1992)

Perhaps another underrated player in the Falcons history? Bobby Butler played 169 games with the Falcons and was responsible for 36 turnovers and scored three touchdowns.

#22: Rolland Lawrence, CB (1973-1980)

I won't say it again... I will just say that Rolland Lawrence picked off 39 passes, recovered 13 fumbles, and had 690 return yards off of those turnovers. He did all of that in just 118 games which means he was responsible for a turnover in every 2.2 games—that is remarkable.

#21: Deion Sanders, CB (1989-1993)

While Deion Sanders' time in Atlanta was short, he still made a huge impact. He quickly became a lockdown corner and eventually became the greatest player to ever play his position and one of the greatest athletes ever. Primetime was special.

#20: Brent Grimes, CB (2007-2012)

Another great cornerback who had some personality around him; Brent Grimes certainly outplayed his undrafted status. He is a player that many people have forgotten about even though he was a special player on the field—the Falcons just let him leave way too early.

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