2023 Atlanta Falcons Mock Draft: What happens if they take Bijan Robinson in the first?

Baylor v Texas
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With the Falcons signing a ton of players in free agency that will help bring the talent level of the overall team up tremendously, Atlanta has the ability to go after the best player available at every pick. What happens, though, if the Falcons are sitting there at No. 8 and guys like Jalen Carter, Christian Gonzalez, Will Anderson, and Tyree Wilson are all gone? Do they stick with what they have at the top of their board or do they potentially listen to a team trading up for a quarterback, defensive player or even offensive lineman?

The Atlanta Falcons trade their first-round pick (No. 8 overall) to the Houston Texans for their first-round pick (No.12 overall), a third-round pick (No. 73 overall), and a sixth-round pick (No. 203) overall.

In this simulation, the Texans offered a third- and sixth-round pick for the Falcons to move back four spots. Facing the facts that there was no one at 8 that wouldn't be worth the pick at 12 as well, the best move here was to move back a couple of spots, pick up the extra picks and continue to hand-pick talent to fill out the roster. Oh, and Texas Longhorns running back Bijan Robinson was the best player on the board at 12, so why not take him to start the build out of the roster?