2023 Atlanta Falcons Mock Draft: What happens if they take Bijan Robinson in the first?

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Sidy Sow
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Round 7, No. 224 overall: OL Sidy Sow, Eastern Michigan

2022: 13 Games Started at Left Guard
2021: 13 Games Started at Left Guard
2020: 6 Games Started at Left Guard
2019: 12 Games Started at Left Guard
2018: 11 Games Started at Left Tackle, 13 Games Played at Left Tackle
2017: Redshirted

The Falcons need more depth along the offensive line and a guy who can play guard or tackle as depth. Sidy Sow fits well as either a left guard or a left tackle, though his fit as a left guard is better. He would compete well with Matt Hennessy, Justin Shaffer, Jalen Mayfield, and whoever else the Falcons decide to have compete at left guard. If he loses, which would be fine, he could be a backup at right tackle or either guard spot.

With Blake Freeland drafted earlier and Sow drafted here, the Falcons depth on the offensive line would be much better than it was in 2022. Sow's abilities as a pass blocker and good overall athleticism make his long-term fit for the Falcons a great one. He needs to develop as a run blocker, but he has the tools to do well there. He also has a ton of leadership as a former captain for Team Quebec and Team Canada and his college team.