2023 Atlanta Falcons Mock Draft: What happens if they take Bijan Robinson in the first?

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Blake Freeland
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Round 4, No. 113 overall: OT Blake Freeland, Brigham Young

2022: 13 Games Started at Left Tackle
2021: 13 Games Started at Left Tackle
2020: 8 Games Started at Right Tackle, 11 Games Played at Right Tackle
2019: 7 Games Started at Right Tackle

The Falcons have a need for some depth on the offensive line, specifically at tackle. Blake Freeland has experience at both right tackle and left tackle and is one of the most athletic tackle prospects of all time. Freeland should be a good backup behind both Kaleb McGary and Jake Matthews early in his career but could end up being a starter at left tackle long-term when Matthews can't be effective in that role anymore. Matthews is over 30, and at this time could potentially move inside to guard like family members of his did in the past.

If Matthews ends up being more of a left guard moving forward, the Falcons could end up using Freeland as that left tackle. Freeland's athleticism and strength are definitely there, but technique is his biggest issue. Offensive line coach Dwayne Ledford is one of the best technique teachers in the league, and Freeland would be a great project to take on. Even if he's not a long-term left tackle and plays the right side should McGary falter, he is already a good blocker as a pass protector and should be able to develop his run blocking with his tools.