2023 NFL Draft: Top 10 Cornerbacks and their fits with the Atlanta Falcons

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The top 10 cornerbacks of the draft could entice the Atlanta Falcons into drafting them at any point during the first few rounds of the draft. The Falcons could look into cornerback with their first-round pick despite having a solid overall group of corners at this time. The cornerback class in the 2023 NFL Draft is one of the best positional groups this year. Atlanta could look into this cornerback class at any point during the draft and see a potential long-term starter across from the exceptional A.J. Terrell to help their defense out. Atlanta's pick could be influenced by their contract situations.

The current Falcons cornerback group is headlined by Terrell, but with Mike Hughes, Casey Hayward, and Cornell Armstrong all under functionally one-year deals, they could look into a long-term starting corner across from Terrell. Dee Alford is an excellent depth cornerback, but he wouldn't be ideal as a starting cornerback just yet. The Falcons could view him as a nickel at best which would leave the outside role open for the long term and be a real need for the Falcons. Atlanta could fit in a cornerback with their pick at No. 8 overall or even look into the pick around No. 44 overall.