2023 NFL Draft: Top 10 Interior Offensive Linemen and their fits with the Atlanta Falcons

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No. 4: Andrew Vorhees, Southern Cal

2022: 11 Games Started at Left Guard
2021: 12 Games Started at Left Guard and Left Tackle
2020: 5 Games Started at Left Guard
2019: 2 Games Played at Right Guard, Redshirted after 2 games
2018: 11 Games Started at Right Guard, 12 Games Played at Right Guard
2017: 9 Games Started at Right Guard, 13 Games Played at Right Guard and Right Tackle

Andrew Vorhees has great experience starting for five seasons and he's got experience on both sides of the line and could fit in well as a super-utility backup. He's consistently making the right block as either a guard or a tackle and could be a 10-year starter at left guard or right guard for the right team. He fits in perfectly for a zone scheme and has the athleticism to fit it well. He has great pass sets and understands how to handle stunts and twists very well.

His age and his recent injury at the combine make it tougher to select him in the first two days. Vorhees is going to be a steal for someone on the third day despite his second-day level of talent. The Falcons would love to have him in their offense, and he could be a great super utility for them at worst during his rookie season. He has the potential to start at left guard for them and would be a great fit for their zone schemes.

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