2023 NFL Draft: Top 10 Interior Offensive Linemen and their fits with the Atlanta Falcons

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No. 5: Jarrett Patterson, Notre Dame

2022: 12 Games Started at Left Guard
2021: 13 Games Started at Center
2020: 8 Games Started at Center
2019: 15 Games Started at Center
2018: 3 Games Played at Left Tackle, Redshirted after 3 games

A two-time team captain who fits in at either guard or center role, Jarrett Patterson is a great fit for multiple different schemes. He can duo block and get to the second level off of it at either spot. He has great body positioning and uses his athleticism to get him into the right spot. Patterson doesn't have the kind of length that suggests he should play outside of center, but past experience at both positions will allow him to see things from multiple perspectives at the next level.

The Falcons could look into Patterson in the third or the fourth round that would fit his value in the draft and make him a good fit for the team. He'd be the primary backup on the interior at worst during his rookie year with the potential for him to start at left guard. The Falcons would have a lot of fun with him at left guard and could potentially see him as someone that could usurp Dalman at center as well.

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